St Andrew’s Foundation

The St Andrew’s Foundation is the hub of Catholic Teacher Education in Scotland and works in partnership with a range of external agencies in order to ensure a high-quality education for prospective teachers. In addition to a range of courses offered at Undergraduate and Masters level, we are committed to creating a vibrant research and teaching culture in the field of Catholic Education both nationally and internationally.

The Cloisters

The Cloisters, the blog of the St Andrew’s Foundation, has been founded in the hope that the Foundation’s commitment to Catholic Education can be extended and shared. The Cloisters, which form the physical centre-point of the University, have served as our guiding inspiration. They evoke the monastic cloister in their form and regularity, but also the cathedral in their gothic arches and ribbed vaulting.  Much like the labyrinth of a medieval cathedral, the Cloisters represent a metaphorical space, a landscape of symbol and memory. They are an open space, a place of encounter, an empty canvas in which ideas can be born and tested, a place for the meeting of minds. Our hope is that this blog can embody the spirit of the Cloisters in providing a space of dialogue and encounter, an online-canopy, for those involved in the world of Catholic Education.