My Catholic School – National Poetry competition

Here are the final winning poems of our competition! Well done to both pupils from St Marie’s Primary School in Kirkcaldy. Let them know what you think in the comments below.

Congratulations to all our winners and a special thank you to all participating schools. With over 400 entries, it was great for the judges to find out just how much pupils love their Catholic school!

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My Catholic School

Coming to school with a smile on my face

Because I know the day is going to be great the second the bell rings

The teacher welcomes us politely

First thing, prayers, In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen

Sitting down without a sound

‘Oh, that’s such a well behaved class!’

The school that you can learn in

The school that you can trust

The school full of faith

The school where you can play

I’m so lucky to be in this marvellous school

Doesn’t it sound like a lovely community?

Every single student is ambitious and beyond well behaved

They make sure you’re included, happy, ambitious, respectful, supported, heard, faithful, fair, safe and respected!

The perfect school!

Marek Dus, Primary 6

St Marie’s Primary, Kirkcaldy

My Catholic Poem

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St Marie’s

To all my fellow Catholic schools,

In St Marie’s there are super rules.

We work hard and we are kind,

We always try to expand our mind.

We treat the environment with respect,

And through friendship we all connect.

Every week we always practise hymns,

And in PE we exercise our limbs!

Every student gets the same opportunity,

As we are all part of the same community.

We are all resilient in our own way,

And every day is the happiest day.

And even when we make a mistake,

We always think of the changes we can make.

When new people join our community,

We make them part of our unity.

Gerard Duggan, Primary 6

St Marie’s Primary,Kirkcaldy

6 thoughts on “My Catholic School – National Poetry competition

  • These poems from St Marie’s School are fabulous. It sounds like such a wonderful school. Well done to the winners and everyone who has taken part.


  • Dear Marek

    Your poem is not only well structured, with a very clever balance of assonances and rhythm where the sound of words creates a harmonic alternation of beats and repetitions, but it also holds a very important message. You clearly state how school makes you feel, and how the catholic ethos can promote a positive learning experience for you and for your classmates. I really enjoyed reading it. Well-done!

    Dear Gerard
    You chose a very hard poem structure. A “Rima Baciata” where two consecutive lines of verses perfectly rhyme with a rigorous same meter. Well-done it is a hard choice, and you did it brilliantly. You tell us a story of inclusivity, equity and resilience which are at the core of catholic education and so well described in your poem. A well-deserved winner!

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  • We’ll done Gerry and Marek! As Head Teacher of St. Marie’s I feel that both poems have captured the true essence of the school. We are very proud of both boys.


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