My Catholic School – National Poetry Competition

Here are some more winning entries of our National Poetry Competition. Let the winners know what you think! Leave comments below. Congratulations to all of our winners and their schools! Today’s winners are from St Sylvester’s Primary in Elgin.

My Catholic School

My amazing Catholic School is a blast.

You are spectacular at behaving well at Mass.

Children’s faces full of joy.

As they learn and play with toys.

Totally fun exciting games with the team.

Happy place to build up my dreams.

Owen is my name, I have learned lots of skills

Learning new things is absolutely brill.

Interesting sports is what I love to do

Colour of my uniform is a shade of blue.

St Sylvester’s is the best school ever.

Can I come to school forever?

Happy time in school.

Only St Sylvester’s School is cool

Online learning is fun.

Lots of fun with the nuns.

Owen M, Primary 6

St Sylvester’s Primary, Elgin

Our Catholic School

Our school has God at the centre

Our school is amazing

Our school feels like a big family

Our school is the best.

Gabi K, Primary 3

St Sylvester’s Primary, Elgin

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