My Catholic School – National Poetry Competition

We are delighted to share these winning poems from Cardinal Newman Secondary in Bellshill, St Patrick’s Primary, Troon and St Brendan’s Primary, Glasgow. Let the pupils know what you think! Leave a comment below.

Jesus is the Heart of St Brendan’s



Say Prayers

Under God


Darcie Grieve and Danni Wallace, Primary 2/1

St Brendan’s Primary, Glasgow

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My Catholic School

Jesus the Saviour, Heavens above

Stories of Him, spread with love.

Father Paul around the school.

Stories we get to hear so cool.

We can do all things through Christ.

He really is the light of our life.

In our school we respect everyone’s individuality.

In our school, we believe in Christianity.

Jesus the Saviour, heavens above.

Stories of Him spread with love.

Finding ourselves in a Catholic community,

A sliver of humanity, religion saving sanity.

A healthy relationship with God.

Skye B S3

Cardinal Newman High, Bellshill

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My Catholic School

Our Catholic School,

The uniform, as green as the grassy meadows

The School never leaves anyone in the shadows.

Faith, Inclusion, Achievement, Respect,

These are some things you shouldn’t neglect.

These four things are important to us

Along with community to keep us as One.

Do your B.E.S.T is what you should do





These things make me 

Inspired to shine in all I say,

All I do and all I am.

Sophie Hastings, Primary 7

St Patrick’s Primary, Troon

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