My Catholic School – National Poetry Competition

Over the next few days we will be posting the winning entries of our National Poetry Competition. Please leave comments for the pupils below. Congratulations to all of our winners and their schools! Today’s winners are both from St Clare’s Primary School in Glasgow.

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My Catholic School

The thing about a Catholic school

It’s not a place to break a rule

It’s a school of respect and care

And all about being fair. 

The thing that makes a Catholic school

Is more than just wisdom and following rules

It’s about being respectful, caring and safe

And never giving up on your faith.

We treat our peers with love and care

Because gospel values are everywhere

It’s a safe environment we don’t want to leave,

We’re taught if we believe then we will achieve.

But we can’t forget about Jesus who is at heart

He is always a good place for us to start.

Love and respect, togetherness our rule,

That’s what makes a Catholic School.

Leia McGillion, Primary 7

St Clare’s Primary, Glasgow

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My Catholic School

I am in a cool Catholic School.

God is the light.

I look at the cross every day.

The sign of the cross proves that Jesus is real 

Don’t forget that Jesus is real.

Molly Graham, Primary 2

St Clare’s Primary, Glasgow

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