My Catholic School! – National Poetry Competition

Here are some more winning entries of our National Poetry Competition. Please leave comments for the pupils below. Congratulations to all of our winners and their schools! Today’s winners are from St Patrick’s Primary, New Stevenson and St Ninian’s Primary, Livingston.

Our Catholic School

A holy place where we pray each day

A special place where we each can play

A happy place with loving friends

A bonding friendship never ends 

And St Patrick our Patron always near.

Our teachers have shown us how to love

Father Haddock has shown us Jesus’ way

Our faith keeps growing day by day

And Jesus there to watch us play!

Olivia Roberts, Primary 5

St Patrick’s Primary, New Stevenson

Catholic Faith

Christ the Lord,                                 

Always love God,                             

Think of Christ,                                 

Hope is in your Heart,                     

Our special religion,                                     

Love your faith,

believe in one God,

Celebrate at Mass.


Father in Heaven,

A lovely life,

In the image of God,

Try and follow God’s path,

Heaven holds wonders.

Anna Forbes, Primary 4

St Ninian’s Primary, Livingston

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